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Motueka Tramping Club Welcomes You


Trip List

Three times a year a trip list is made, so there is an organised trip each weekend. We try to alternate single day trips and multi day trips. The trips are rated in five grades from 'Very Easy' to 'Very Fit'. The dedicated leader will organise the trip.


Yearly Events

  • Sunday December 18th 2022:  annual Christmas lunch at Rabbit Island. 

  • AGM: April 4th 2023. 


Guidelines Trips

  • Members must carry any personal or emergency medication they may require and inform the trip leader of any medical problem that could become an issue on a trip. It is advisable to cary a personal first-aid, survival kit and an 'Incase of Emergency Form" on all trips.

  • Adequate clothing must be carried at all times. Conditions on the 'tops' in summer can be as bad as in winter.

  • The trip leader and/or one of the participants will carry a club personal locator beacon.

  • Any hut fees and other fees incurred on a trip are paid by the member.

  • The number of participants in a multi day trip should be limited to max half of the number of bunks of the smallest hut.

  • It is the responsibility of everyone to keep the party together - and keep within sight or calling distance.

  • While consultation is encouraged, the trip leader has responsibility for decision-making, including cancellation or postponement or abandonment of a trip

Who We Are

The Motueka Tramping Club's mission is to encourage recreational and social activities for individuals and family groups following a varied programme, with emphasis on walks and outdors activities. Also to protect native flora and fauna and the individual features of the country. MTC will do such in cooperation with kindred organisations and local and central government.



Interested in joining?

Becoming a member is easy to do. Just fill in the contact form below or send an email to our secretary. There is a small, yearly subscription fee and a contribution for transport to the tramps and back. The trip list will show what these charges are. As a member you will receive invitations for all events, newsletters and trip lists and its updates.

You are most welcome as a new member of MTC

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